MGB V8, MGC, MGRV8 Individual Vehicle Register

Owner: Barry Osmond
Model: MGB GT V8
Year of Production:  1973
Body No.: *
Car No.: GD2D1492G Country of 1st reg:  UK
Original Engine No:   Current Engine No:  48600457A
Original Colour: Demask Current Colour: Demask
Original Trim: Blue/Black Current Trim:  Blue/Black
Original Reg: UYM 1M Current Reg: 02905H
Number of Previous Owners: Date acquired: February 1990

 Full rebuild in England February 1985

History of Car: 1974 to 1982 John Watson - MGOC England, 1981 to 1989 Andy Limpickle - MGOC England, 1989 1990 Derek Pickard - Camberwell Melbourne, Barry Osmond Glen Waverley.