MGB V8, MGC, MGRV8 Individual Vehicle Register

Owner: Greg White Year of Production: 1976
Model: GT V8 Car number GD2D1 2757G
Original Engine No:   Current Engine No:


Original Colour: Harvest Gold Current Colour: Flamenco 
Original Trim: Black Current Trim: Black
Original Reg:   Current Reg:

09476 H

Previous Owners:    Date acquired:

July 2011


Purchased Modifications:   Being a 1976 model it was a rubber bumper version  in Harvest Gold. During the rebuild was converted to chrome bumper and repainted Flamenco. Overdrive is on 3rd and 4th indicating at some stage an earlier unit was transplanted.  

History: Car was sold new in the UK, the original owner only had it a short time and sold it to a farmer William Cumber, who lived 1 mile from Abingdon and had seen plenty of V8s going past his gate, he had to have one.

William used it till 1985 with 100,000 miles on the clock when it was stolen and involved in an accident.  It was then sold to Jim Brown in Tasmania who sold it to Phil Rollins in 1988 with the accident damage repaired but not painted. 

Phil spent 10 years bringing the car back to life and it hit the road again in 1998. Phil only clocked up 11,000 miles in the the 13 years so the current odometer reading of 113,000 is the original mileage.

 I purchased the car from Phil in Hobart in July 2011.