MGB V8, MGC, MGRV8 Individual Vehicle Register

Owner: Noel Clacher Model:  MGBGTV8
Year of Production: November 1973    
Car No.:  GD2D1 959G Country of 1st reg:   England
Original Engine No:  43600738   Current Engine No:  43600738
Original Colour:  Damask Current Colour:   Damask
Original Trim:   Black Current Trim:   Black
Original Reg:  XDA756M UK - AAG611 Aus Current Reg:


Number of Previous Owners: 2+ in Australia, 1+ UK Date acquired:  1 May 1993 


    The car is very original, with the only significant modifications being the addition of electronic ignition and tubular extractors.  The later were added when the original cast iron exhaust manifolds cracked and needed replacing.  At the time of the replacement cast iron exhaust manifolds were unobtainable, prompting the change to a tubular system within the body shell.  A full body repaint in the same colour was done by Peter McKinnon in 1995.

History of the car

 The car was sold new to Bradbury Wedge in Wolverhampton on 21 November 1973.  As one of the early cars it is unusual in that it has overdrive on both 3rd and 4th gears, later cars only have overdrive on 4th.

 At some stage it was imported into Australia, and purchased by Lachlan Payne from a second hand car dealer who had little knowledge of the car's pedigree.  Lachlan sold the car to Gerry and Helen Tucker in April 1986.  The then asking price was $14 200!

 Laraine and Noel bought the car on 1 May 1993.  Since then the car has been used on a regular basis competing in club competition events and national meetings.  The gearbox has not appreciated some of this driving and there has been a need for two rebuilds in the past 17 years.  Other than that it has proved to be very reliable and has needed little more than normal maintenance and remains a lovely long distance touring car.