MGB V8, MGC, MGRV8 Individual Vehicle Register

Chassis No. GD2D1359G

Owner: Marcus Prato Year of Production: 1973
Model: MGBGT V8 Body No. GB75D000371P
Original Engine No:  48600228A Current Engine No: 48600228A
Original Colour:  Damask Red Current Colour: Midnight Blue
Original Trim: Navy Blue Current Trim: Navy Blue
Original Reg:  TYX 288 M Current Reg:  79924H

Previous Owners: George Johnston 2013 June 2017

Mark White 2001- 2013,

Southern Carburettors (Laurance Mahon) August 1973 to 2001.

 Mod/Rest Comments:
Car is surprisingly original apart from the Midnight Blue colour that it was painted when restored. The addition of extractors as it is difficult to now source the original manifolds, A/C was fitted by George Johnston for the QLD climate and also a reverse camera and non-original radio is in the car.

History of Car:
Chassis 359 is an early chassis and was bought new by the then owner of Southern Carburettors Laurance Mahon whos business was in Wimbledon, London. According to records, this car was responsible for many other purchases of GTV8s at the time after having driven this car. The car got extensive use till about 1981 where it was time for a family and the car was mothballed. The car was mainly used for fun and touring Devon and Cornwall with his wife.

Mark White was the second owner buying the car in November 2001. The car having sat for 20 odd years was in very good original condition with little rust but in need of a refresh. Mark moved to Qld, Australia from the UK and also brought the car with him. It was imported to Australia in January 2004. The car was registered and driven for the first time in Australia in 2010 after restoration. Mark then sold the car to George Johnston in 2013. George being an MG Enthusiast and an ex MGCC committee member further enhanced the driveability of the car.