MGB V8, MGC, MGRV8 Individual Vehicle Register

Owner: Noel Burch   
Model: MGB 'L' auto roadster 
Year of Production:  
Body No.: *
Car No.:   Country of 1st reg:  
Original Engine No:  18GGRCH619 Current Engine No:  15A01687
Original Colour:   Current Colour:  Red
Original Trim:   Current Trim:  
Original Reg: LUE 448 June 1972 Frankston, 650PNW March 1986 Brisbane  Current Reg: MEANMG
Number of Previous Owners:NA Date acquired:
Modifications/Restoration: Engine :

Rover 3.5 litre alloy V8, enlarged inlet and exhaust valves, ported heads and balanced gas flows, balanced combustion chambers, Edelbrock manifold, Holley 465 4 barrel carburettor, re-calibrated distributor, electronic ignition, extractors and 2.5" exhaust. Transmission : Borg Warner 65 auto, Ford limited slip differential 2.77:1. Suspension : heavier front and rear springs, lowered 35mm, roll bars, front 23mm and rear 18mm, 72 spoke 15"x 6" chrome wire wheels, four wheel disc brakes, VH44 power assisted. Body : restored and painted red.