MGB V8, MGC, MGRV8 Individual Vehicle Register

Owner:  Noel Hewitt
Model: MGC GT 
Year of Production:  1969
Body No.: 002290
Car No.:   Country of 1st reg:  
Original Engine No:  ZGUH3846 Current Engine No:  ZGUH3846
Original Colour:  White Current Colour:  White
Original Trim:  Black Current Trim:  Black Leather
Original Reg:   Current Reg:  MGC-1
Number of Previous Owners: Date acquired: April 1999 from MG Workshops
Early 1999 complete rebuild by MG Workshops # 045. Motor : blue printed, balanced crankshaft, tripple SU carburettors, extractor exhausts, moderate high lift cam shaft, ported head. Body : underneath galvanised painted and painted black. All suspension components renewed, low profile tyres on 5 1/2" rims.
History of Car:
Vehicle restored to Trevor Leavesley specifications