MGB V8, MGC, MGRV8 Individual Vehicle Register

Owner:    Michael O’Brien
Model:   MG  RV8
Year of Production:   1995
Body No.:

2MG40J 0011572

Car No.:   Country of 1st reg:  Japan
Original Engine No:  48A01141A Current Engine No: 48A01141A
Original Colour:  Woodcote Green Current Colour: Woodcote Green
Original Trim:  Stone Beige Current Trim:  Stone Beige
Original Reg:   Current Reg:  MGRV 08
Number of Previous Owners:   2 Date acquired:


The MGB was designed with approximately 6.5 degrees of trailing castor, required with tyres that had a slip angle of 10 or 11 degrees.  Modern tyres have a slip angle of around 2 to 3 degrees so the result on the MG is that the steering loads up and gets increasingly heavy the harder you corner. The castor angle built into all suspension designs is there primarily to self-centre the steering at speed. As modern tyres are far more directional, less self-centring force is required and therefore less castor is required. Frontline Costello’s innovative castor wedges fit between the chassis and the front crossmember. They are designed to rotate the crossmember forwards by around 3 degrees and so reduce the castor angle. The result gives a noticeably lighter steering which does not load up or get heavier when cornering.


History of Car:  1st Place 2002 Concours in V8 Class