MGB V8, MGC, MGRV8 Individual Vehicle Register

Owner: Marjorie Halford Year of Production: 1973
Model: BGTV8 Chassis No.: GD2DI-704G
Original Engine No:  
Current Engine No: 48600575 A
Original Colour:  Teal Blue Current Colour: Teal Blue
Original Trim: Autumn Leaf Current Trim: Autumn Leaf
Original Reg:  

Current Reg:  24164 H
Modifications/Restoration:  Only modification is a stainless steel exhaust. Extensive restoration done in 2004, doors, wings and sills replaced and complete respray but no removal of tailgate or windscreen.

History of Car: The car was bought new by Andrew West from Berkshire on 30/11/73. All receipts dating back to 1984 show the car has been looked after very well and originality kept as much as possible. On 08/06/2010 it clicked over 100,000 miles. The names of the other owners are also on file. The car is well known in the MGCC UK particularly the V8 Register and it was bought from a member of the club. It was shipped from Southampton on the Hoegh Transporter ocean

First Place MGB GTV8 MGCC Concours 2014