MGB V8, MGC, MGRV8 Individual Vehicle Register

Owner: Wayne Rushton.  

Factory GT V8

Year of Production: 1974
Body No.:

GB 75D 001657P

Car No.: GD 021 1604  Country of 1st reg: UK
Original Engine No: 0451 Current Engine No: Same
Original Colour: Damask Current Colour: Same Same
Original Trim: Black Current Trim: Same  
Original Reg: AJW929N  Current Reg: WR 003  
Previous Owners:
Anthony Butler 
23 Market Lane
Lower Penn Wolverhampton UK           
Date acquired: 30/6/1975

History of Car: 

Second factory V8 imported into Victoria ( possibly into Australia ).

Paul Trevethan was the first to import one which was to be used as a race car as the authorities advised that V8s were not registrable in Australia. When landed, it was in such good condition he somehow had it registered for his wife to use. As a friend of Paul I became aware of this and made arrangements to procure one through my parents who were to have an extended stay in the UK in 1975 and needed a car to travel in.

At the 1976 National Meeting in Tasmania the car was an absolute crowd puller as you would imagine being the first one seen by MG enthusiasts in Australia.

The car has been my every day use vehicle as well as being used in Club competition and at many National Meetings. I have tried to keep it as original as possible and while it might not be a concours car it is still in extremely good condition.